Student Records

The information compiled as part of a review of allegations of gender-based misconduct is part of a student’s educational record and is maintained by the Office. This record generally contains a description of the alleged violation, supporting documentation, written submissions, the Investigative Report with exhibits, if applicable, and official case-related correspondence.  

Disciplinary proceedings conducted by the University are subject to the Family Educational Records and Privacy Act (“FERPA”), a federal law governing the privacy of student information. FERPA generally limits disclosure of student information outside the University without the student’s consent, but it does provide for release of student disciplinary information without a student’s consent in certain circumstances. For example, it is important to note that the release of student disciplinary records is permitted, without prior consent, to University officials with legitimate educational interest such as a student’s academic advisor and to Columbia Athletics if the involved student is an athlete. The University will also release information when a student gives written permission for information to be shared. 

Any information gathered by the Office may be subpoenaed by law enforcement authorities as part of a parallel or subsequent investigation into the same conduct or required to be produced through other compulsory legal processes.  

Unless otherwise specified by the student, the University will respond to third-Party requests for a student’s disciplinary records (e.g. requests by graduate schools or employers) by disclosing only records of disciplinary matters that result in the change of a student’s good disciplinary standing at the University. Matters that resulted in Disciplinary Probation are reported for seven years from the date that the student was found responsible for a violation of University policy. Matters that result in a Disciplinary Suspension or Expulsion from the University are reported as a part of the student’s permanent education record. Matters where students maintained good disciplinary standing are not reported unless otherwise specified by the student. This disclosure includes the student’s violation(s), the corresponding sanction(s), and the date of determination. 

Current and former students may request an official disciplinary record certification from Student Conduct. This certification may be for personal record or required by a program, institution, or employer.

Upon conclusion of the appeal process, a transcript notation will be indicated on the Respondent’s record for cases resulting in suspension, expulsion or in cases where the Respondent withdraws from the University during the investigation or the hearing process. Notations on transcripts will be indicated as follows: disciplinary suspension; disciplinary expulsion; or withdrawn with disciplinary action pending.