About Our Office

What the Gender-Based Misconduct Office Does

The Gender-Based Misconduct Office ("GBMO") is located in Watson Hall on West 115th Street and provides the following services:

  • Serves as a centralized resource to support and provide assistance to all University students who have experienced or have been accused of gender-based misconduct;
  • Assists students who seek to bring complaints against University employees; and
  • Conducts investigations, facilitates alternative  resolutions, and administers the disciplinary process related to gender-based misconduct and Title IX complaints against students from all schools within Columbia University, as well as Teachers College.

Our Mission

The Gender Based Misconduct Office is made up of two parts - Case Management and Investigations. Case Management is dedicated to supporting students through the GBM/TIX process, including providing resources and academic accommodations, and working with the Title IX Coordinator to resolve cases through Alternative Resolutions, such as Administrative Resolution, Mediation, and Restorative Justice. The Investigative Team is made up of specially trained attorneys with years of legal experience handling sexual assault cases as well as domestic/dating violence and stalking cases.

Our focus is for Case Managers and Title IX Investigators to partner together to holistically support students through the resolution options under the Policy - all while balancing Complainant’s agency, fairness to the accused, and ultimately ensuring the safety of the larger Columbia community. We are committed to resolving reports, particularly investigations, in a timely and efficient manner consistent with the Policy.