Annual Reports

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The Annual Report’s central aim is to engage the University community– students, faculty, administrators, and staff– in creating a climate where all can study, work, and live free from gender-based misconduct, including sexual harassment and violence. This report includes information about many topics, including: 

  • Ongoing efforts by the University community to enhance resources and prevention and training efforts related to gender-based misconduct prevention and response; 
  • Information regarding the University’s Gender-Based Misconduct and Interim Title IX Policies and Procedures for Students (“Policies” and “Procedures”); and 
  • Data from the Gender-Based Misconduct and Interim Title IX process for students during the 2022-2023 academic year. 

By summarizing key features of the University’s work and compiling data from gender-based misconduct prevention and response efforts, including cases involving students during the previous academic year, the Report aims to contribute to the way the University addresses gender-based misconduct, including sexual assault and harassment, for this and future academic years.