Students can submit an appeal of their Title IX investigation finding through this form:

Students can submit a request for review of Directives and Interim Measures implemented by the University through this form:

FERPA Release

In certain circumstances, information in retained files may be reported to third-parties with the written permission of the student, in accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA,” also called “The Buckley Amendment”). After the maximum file retention period, the files will no longer be reportable except in cases resulting in suspension or expulsion which are retained indefinitely:

FERPA Release Form

Sanction Completion 

Students may use this form to submit supporting documentation related to the completion of their disciplinary sanction:

Sanction Completion Submission

Title IX Formal Complaint Request Form

Students may submit a formal Title IX Complainant directly to Gender-Based Misconduct Office for the purpose of initiating the resolution process under the Interim Title IX Policies and Procedures  (the “Policy”). This also applies to incident reports already submitted through the Discrimination, Harassment, Gender-Based Misconduct Form  (“GBM Form”).

► Submit a Title IX Formal Complaint

Written Statements

Students may submit written statements, impact statements, and/or requests directly to Gender-Based Misconduct Office.

► Submit a Written Statement

Conflict of Interest Submission Form

Students can file a Conflict of Interest Submission through this form: